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An A-class customer service is the one that drives, thrives and sustains any airline that is into making contributions to the aviation industry. In fact, the entire aviation industry is customer-oriented. From the moment customers book their flights, customer service in the aviation industry starts. Moreover, passengers keenly observe the customer service during the travel and landing at the preferred destination. If the customer liked the overall experience, they would board again, but if they do not, they might never fly with the airline again. Thus, offering the best customer service helps an airline company retain its happy customers.

To provide you with insights and the importance of customer service in the aviation industry, we have come up with this blog. Let’s dive in.


5 reasons why Customer Service matters in the Aviation Industry


Today, customers are the king, which is more accurate in the Aviation Industry. Neglecting an ounce of effort on customer service will yield an issue in the healthy survival of the airlines. Below are the reasons that support customer service as the major concern of the aviation industry.



Value Addition

Along with the commitment to the safety and security of the passengers and well-served accommodations, the behavior and interaction of the cabin crew with the customers, their friendly and respectful nature and willingness to answer their queries can add a lot of value to the airline’s customer service.



Increases customer loyalty

People are loyal when they feel that a business/company is concerned about them and takes customer convenience seriously. When greeted and treated well, customers are bound to fall in love with your service and despite the pool of options, they will always choose you over other airlines. 



Increases airline revenue

When a customer is assured of great service on the flight, the customer can’t stay without talking about you and the exceptional customer service they experienced. You can see customer satisfaction in all the online reviews, mostly on the website and social media pages. This brings huge traffic to the website, 70% of them converting into customers and benefiting the airlines with greater revenue.



Scales up airline’s reputation

When the airline has good sales and excellent customer loyalty, it becomes the talk of the town, and then it naturally becomes the popular airline in the country.



Thrive in the competitive market

Competition in the Aviation industry, among airlines, is increasing. And in this phase, thinking of bringing new equipment can be questionable as bringing innovation and technology requires a hefty investment. So, instead of that, it is better to focus on impeccable customer service and take your airline company to the heights of success.



What is Shree Airlines’ take on Customer Service?

Shree Airlines is a leading domestic airlines in Nepal. It is known for its exceptional customer service, innovative technology and wide range of flight options. To add more, Shree is the only airline from Nepal and all of south and south-east Asia on the United Nations and World Food Program to be certified as a safe airline to fly with. 

Shree Airlines customer service includes the following services:

  • A call away customer service with quick and easy online flight bookings.
  • Diverse options in religious tourism and mountain charters based on extensive knowledge of the Nepalese terrain. 
  • The Concept of “The New Highs,” where top-notch air travel is ensured.


So if you want to book a domestic flight in Nepal. then go no further than Shree Airlines which offers the best customer service among all domestic airlines in Nepal. You can book a flight to Pokhara or any other desired place in Nepal via our website or Shree Airlines App.

 Contact us for further details or any queries.


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This fare is applicable only to Foreigners living in Nepal on a NON TOURIST VISA which was issued at least six months prior to the date of travel. Passport/Visa will be verified at check in. Without verification boarding will be denied OR you will be required to pay fare difference.